Call Us for a free Quote Now 914-205-8704
Call Us for a free Quote Now 914-205-8704
Call us now for a free quote. (914)-205-8704 (561)-573-4621
Call us now for a free quote.  (914)-205-8704                                           (561)-573-4621 

Janitorial & Housekeeping Services


BlueMoon cleans commercial offices during off-hours so that every morning you and your customers enjoy a clean, fresh office.

  • We clean government offices. We empty the trash and clean kitchen facilities, restrooms, flooring and waiting areas for your clientele.
  • At fitness centers, we clean common areas, locker rooms, shower facilities, hot tubs, steam rooms and all your workout equipment to keep it sanitary and germ-free.
  • Property management companies are cleaned per your schedule, whether that’s daily, bi-weekly or weekly.
  • We also clean hospitality sites as needed.
  • Government offices are another of our specialties. We empty the trash, clean kitchen facilities, rest rooms and waiting areas for your clientele.


Your customers will notice the difference when BlueMoon Home Repair & Janitorial cleans your banking and financial offices. We keep your office tidy and sanitary so that your clients feel good when they’re doing business with you.

  • Medical offices receive extra attention. We empty bio-hazardous waste containers and waste baskets, mop the floors, clean the counters and sanitize the entire facility.
  • Strategic prepares convention centers between shows, so your next event starts clean and impresses attendees.


Blue Moon Home Repair & Janitorial franchisees are all across the country, so we can handle the cleaning needs of any national retail chain.

  • Schools find it’s more cost-effective to have Strategic handle their cleaning chores instead of a staff maintenance crew who get salaries, paid holidays and vacations.
  • Strategic can keep centers of worship clean and fresh so your congregation has an enjoyable place to practice their religion.
  • We keep auto dealerships spotless to maintain your good reputation and let you concentrate on your business.

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